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Below are some things our clients have to say about us:

path35201We have had lots of people and organisations to thank. But most central of all has been Peter Austen.  We engaged Peter, who helps people run successful pubs, at the outset and he has been with us through thick and thin.  He’s cancelled holidays for us, he’s lost sleep with us, and in every way he has been right at the heart of making this project succeed. He’s opened pubs and made them successful often enough, but the tremendous energy he has sunk into getting this pub not just opened for us, but launching it towards becoming a great success is quite remarkable.  I think that 3am and 4am are now the only times of day when I haven’t had e-mails from Peter progressing one aspect of the project or another. Peter, and his colleagues in Innventive and contacts beyond have been central to every aspect of re-launching the Pheasant business.  He has been right at the heart of making this project succeed, from initial concept and shaping the offer, through supplier negotiations and staff recruitment, to marketing and promotion.  And after launch he continues to guide us with performance monitoring, action planning and general wise counsel.path35201_2

John Pickup

Neenton Community Society Chairman