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Road Map

There’s a good chance you’re in the 90% of independent businesses who don’t have a realistic and tailored business plan, a road map if you like, to help you reach your objective.

Don’t worry! Our planning process is fuelled by your ideas and the ‘Looking at it’ review stage just described, to deliver laser like clarity as to who your business is going to target, who you’re going to need to help you and how you’re going to survive the journey and reach your objectives. More like tried and tested Sat Nav.

Never Alone

An integrated approach using Peter and some or all of the Innventive team will ensure you’re never alone. In a nutshell, because we’ve been on this road many times before, everything we advise is based on real life and not theory. Over complicated plans and strategies don’t work. We give straightforward advice and deliver a roadmap for growth so all targets can be smashed.


Contact us if you want help to plan any project or make a serious overall plan for a new future for your business.