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Innventive Transformation Projects

We know the demands of your business – meaning that you’re often too busy managing and serving to optimise your profits! Just like in sport, having a mentor or coaching team will greatly increase your chances of success and seeing a project through from conception to delivery, with far less distraction and access to greater ideas, resources and experience along the way.

Innventive Projects always have the goal of benefiting everyone – customers, staff and YOU! We are experts at helping operators, just like you, in 3 key areas:

Step 1 Finding and keeping more customers

Marketing is in our DNA. Hopefully you’ve done the really hard bit yourselves, by opening the doors and producing a fantastic customer experience. We can help you shout about what you do. Peter Austen provides 1:1 marketing planning, strategy and coaching, whilst our Marketing Partners, Captivate Hospitality, supply a totally specialised online and offline marketing support package (see ‘Done For You’ Marketing).

As well as our Business Health Check, we provide a Marketing Health Check to operators wanting to have an overview and kick start to their marketing efforts.

Step 2 Recruiting and holding onto the right staff

You’re not alone in this industry if you can’t seem to find and keep hold of the right staff. For instance, chefs don’t grow on trees and it’s rare for any operator to be able to train, motivate and retain all their key players. But it’s your staff team who keep your place alive and are supposed to be the conduit between your dreams and reality.

Fear not. We’ve got the 5 key areas of recruitment, induction, training, appraising and rewarding covered. Peter Austen can take you through his proven system and you can contact our recruitment, HR and training professionals for expert advice and preferential rates.

You really should take our Business Health Check, unless you have the perfect ‘People’ strategy and team already in place already!

Step 3 Maximising profits

As they say, ‘Sales are vanity, profits are sanity’. With a background in licensed trade accounting, stocktaking and business planning going back to the 1990’s (Peter set up the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) Financial Helpline back in 1997), we are uniquely placed to give an expert overview and to help put all the systems, procedures and outsourced services like stocktakers, bookkeepers and accountants in place to ensure that the bottom line is as healthy as possible. A few tweaks and marginal gains could even double most operators’ overall profitability.

We certainly know how to make food businesses yummy and profitable at the same time. Peter has teamed up with Andrew Green  and Innventive now offer a unique, comprehensive and unbeatable Consultant Chef and project management service to help clients achieve previously undreamable levels of efficiency, profitability and peace of mind.

Some clients like us so much we keep in touch on a monthly basis, with our Monthly Performance Report (MPR), which includes stocktake report, bookkeeping and a comprehensive financial overview, with discussion on all the key elements of your business, onsite or on the phone.

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