Performance Reporting

Regular stocktaking, bookkeeping and on-site business coaching visits allow us to give you the best possible guidance and advice.

We are unique in pulling together the combined services of stocktaking, bookkeeping and VAT preparation, marketing and business coaching, all in one discussion document. Carried out either monthly or quarterly, depending on the needs of your business, we can build a picture month by month and together we can make real improvements to your profitability and provide peace of mind.

Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) …from just £199.95* (plus VAT) per month:

For as little as the cost of employing one of your bar staff for just one extra hour per day, we can provide you with stocktaking and bookkeeping, resulting in unique outsourced, innovative, expertise and guidance that will keep you ahead of your competition:

  • Full stocktake report for both food and drink
  •  Bookkeeping and VAT preparation
  • Profit and Loss analysis
  • Sales analysis across your business categories
  •  Purchasing analysis on food and drink
  • Online competitor analysis with your rivals
  •  Suggestions and solutions for conventional (offline) marketing and PR
  • review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and objectives

"We have the best stocktakers, bookkeepers and marketeers all at your disposal, together with my in depth knowledge and hospitality experience. So, if you or your accountant and stocktaker aren't really making a difference to your business, let's have a chat!"    Peter Austen

Monthly Performance Report (MPR) …from just £399.95* (plus VAT) per month:

For the same cost as an average advert in a monthly regional magazine, we can provide monthly controls through stocktaking, profit and loss analysis, business development consultancy and coaching, which takes care of many of the usual professional services:

  • MONTHLY stocktaking
  • MONTHLY bookkeeping and VAT preparation
  • MONTHLY consultancy discussion, either by phone or on your premises
  • Profit and Loss analysis
  • Sales analysis across your business categories
  • Purchasing analysis on food and drink
  • Online competitor analysis with your rivals
  • Suggestions and solutions for conventional (offline) marketing and PR
  • Mystery Customer report (not including £50 receipt refund for food and drink)
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and objectives

* Please note that these fees are for illustrative purposes only. All client fees are priced individually and, while we endeavour to be reasonable, are not guaranteed.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cutting wages could be cutting your opportunities...

Ouch! Tricky subject or what?! Pub, restaurant and hotel operators understandably find this the trickiest to get right. A bad week can see wage % soar as a proportion of total costs, especially if you haven't been able to control expectations of customer flows and customer spend.  ..

Friday, July 13, 2012

10 ways to DOUBLE your wine sales this Christmas

Too busy to work smart? Even the best of us are so close to our business, we just can't see how to increase our sales and profitability. But it's not too late to finalise your Christmas plans and go for an all out DOUBLING of your usual December wine sales by following these tips:

Friday, July 13, 2012

10 'Bums on Seats' Tips for THIS weekend...


Fill your restaurant!

An efficient bookings system will allow the kitchen and restaurant to operate effectively and profitably, maximising your trade over potentially busy weekends.

Of course we appreciate that every business is different, and what works well in one restaurant may not suit another, but here are just 10 tips from over 100 we have, from our experiences in top performing restaurants:

1. Confirm your weekend bookings – isn't it frustrating when customers don’t show up? Why not call them on the day to confirm, perhaps suggesting where to park, encouraging them to contact you if their circumstances change?

2. Have a waiting list- if you're already fully booked, then your staff team MUST start a waiting list so that, in the event of cancellations, you can contact potential eager customers.

3. Use Social Media – create a buzz by broadcasting last minute availability for free, quickly, to your regulars on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Online bookings- if you haven't got it already, consider an online bookings facility; an increasing number of surfers will only book online.

5. Introduce a “friends” scheme- if your regular customers bring along friends, then incentivise them further and reward them!

6. Stagger your bookings- avoid filling your restaurant at 8pm. All top operators stagger their booking times throughout the evening, improving overall service and re-selling each table at least twice!

7. Convert enquiries into bookings - develop your staff team to convert enquiries by phone and in person into confirmed bookings.

8. Encourage 'Walk-in' trade- always encourage booking in advance, but let everyone know of potential quieter dining times and encourage them to still walk in - they can always wait with a drink in the bar!

9. Early evening deal - quiet in the early evening? Then consider an early evening reduced price menu that will tempt people in, creating the vital early evening “buzz” in an otherwise quiet restaurant, which is a great first impression for any walk-in customer.

10. Manage group bookings – don’t allow a booked table of 10 to arrive as a table of 6 and leave you with empty chairs. Some operators charge seat deposits, but it's so much 'softer' to just stay in touch with the organiser on the day and ensure that final numbers are confirmed.

These 10 Points are just a taste of the Innventive 1 Day Restaurant Managers' Academy, which we deliver on site for as little as £295, plus VAT. 

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